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Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections Resource Kit Videos

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Main objective

To provide local country teams with a suite of toolkit videos to use when discussing MRSA Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections (ABSSSI) with clinicians. The videos, which would also be incorporated into e-detail aids and on exhibition stands, had to help promote a better understanding of:

  • The impact of ABSSSI on patients
  • The treatment pathway — and the decision points for choosing appropriate antibiotic therapies
  • The scientific rationale behind a forthcoming MRSA disease awareness initiative

Creative solution

The OSP team had worked in this therapy area before so fully understood the need for the videos to be both emotive and informative. To this end, we spit the videos into groups:

  1. Two patient interviews — one patient, a middle-aged man with a wound infection and a second with a young lady with a skin infection that had been picked up whilst travelling in Asia.
  2. Four interviews with KOLs detailing their decision-making process when choosing the appropriate antibiotic therapy for treating MRSA ABSSSI infections.
  3. Four interviews with KOLs providing the rationale for the MRSA awareness campaign and highlighting the risk factors associated with MRSA and the importance of appropriate empiric treatment.
  4. One process video about how to take a sample from a wound.
  5. One process video about how to take a sample from an abscess.

We started work on the patient interviews, choosing to film the subjects in their own homes as we felt this would ensure they were relaxed enough to provide engaging footage. Accessing their homes also meant we were able to film them going about their lives and allowed us to meet their families — highlighting how the condition gives rise to challenges on a daily basis and how it also affects patients’ nearest and dearest. Our experienced director/interviewer asked the questions that ensured we could edit together a strong and complete narrative of their individual experiences of living with ABSSSI.

All of the KOL videos were shot in a hotel room as, in our experience, hospitals are often too busy and noisy to get the footage we need. We shot each interviewee next to a large plasma screen which displayed their presentation slides as they talked to camera — as this is a familiar setting for a KOL we felt this would afford a more natural presentation. Each interview was scripted to allow for the content to be pre-approved by the client. We also worked alongside the client’s medical agency, Highfield, to ensure all slide content was consistent, perfectly designed and easily legible when filmed.

For the 'How to take a sample...' videos we use a skilled special effects medical makeup artist (using photos provided by the two interviewees) to recreate the conditions and shot in a studio using specialist cameras. They looked pretty gross! 

We used the same UK-based crew to film both the patient and KOL interviews to provide a consistent look and feel across all the videos. They were edited in OSP’s inhouse edit suite before being sent to the client for approval.


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