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Main objective

We were approached to develop the brand for the Life Sciences Hub Wales, billed asthe nerve centre for the whole of the Life Sciences sector” in Wales, and act as support during its launch. This involved us designing the logo, determining a voice for the Hub and working with the client team to develop core values and key messages to be brought together into a detailed set of brand guidelines. These guidelines also needed to outline brand elements such as typeface, design style, brand terminology and photography style.

Creative solution

The team attended several ‘Task and Finish’ meetings, where the Hub Board discussed the brand objectives in detail. At the first design stage, we developed a host of ideas for initial review by the Board. We produced a clear and cohesive pitch document with decisive reasoning for each of the creative concepts. Our well-established heritage and experience in developing successful brand strategies ensured we knew what needed to be delivered in terms of guidelines to ensure all bases were covered.

The detail included in the brand guidelines ensured all communication after launch would be cohesive and therefore encourage more brand recognition and brand loyalty. The design tips and ‘how to’ use sections also helped in this regard — organisations often use multiple design agencies and these guides help align thinking and ensure all outputs produced by third parties are cohesive and ‘on message’.

Along with the logo and brand guidelines, we also produced an array of launch materials and produced the launch event — and a subsequent anniversary event. The Hub has gone on to become integral to the development and success of the Welsh Life Sciences community and we are proud to have played a small part in their story.


It was really good working with such professionals all across your team and we would love to work with you again in connection with the Hub.

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