‘Jack — Living with ADHD’ Animation

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Main objective

To produce an emotive video that would help generate excitement amongst the client’s salesforce in advance of the launch of a new product aimed at children with ADHD.

Creative solution

Having worked with our key client contact for many years, we were his first port of call when he needed to produce something to excite his staff about an upcoming product launch. Knowing that he wanted something that would engender an emotional response to an undeniably viable business proposition, we quickly realised the need to convey that this new product would help revolutionise the lives of countless young people living day-to-day with a disorder that often leads to feelings of social exclusion and isolation. We had to pull the heartstrings!

Given the video needed to be screened at a meeting scheduled in two months’ time — so timelines were short — and coupled with the ease of translating into other languages, producing an animated film made perfect sense. Our team got to work on creative concepts, finally settling on the idea of telling the story in the style of a pop-up book. We added sound effects and voiceover to cover all of the senses and output several different videos in multiple formats suitable for many different platforms.


The video was used to open an internal sales conference and our client reported back that Jack’s story was deemed so effective and emotionally powerful that many of his team were moved to tears!

Although making our clients cry is not something we’d normally boast about, in this instance we felt particularly proud…!

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