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Main objective

A leading clinical stage pharmaceutical company, Petra Pharma is developing a diverse portfolio of novel therapies that modulate phosphoinositide (PI) signaling pathways for the treatment of cancer. Based in the Alexandria Center for Life Science in New York City, Petra Pharma was looking to commission a health-based agency with whom to partner.

OSP was recommended to Clive Bertram, Petra Pharma’s Head of Corporate Development, and conversations quickly got underway about plans for a new website to reflect the company’s values, achievements and future goals.

Creative solution

Having digested the brief, it was clear to the OSP team that Petra Pharma needed a site that was easy for the company’s marketing team to manage and update. It also needed to be in keeping with the company brand, modern and fresh in appearance, and easy to navigate by potential partners and investors.

OSP proposed a custom-built Content Management System (CMS) which allows for easy adoption, rather than an off-the-shelf CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or Joomla. A standard non-CMS website needs a web developer to hand code amends to all content. A CMS framework allows anyone (even those without any technical training) to amend content — for example, you can very easily add or delete images and edit text. There are many different types of CMS that are available via ‘off-the-shelf’ platforms but, at OSP, we prefer to use a bespoke/custom built CMS as they offer a more flexible approach. This not only saves time in the long-term but also allows for the front-end (how the website actually looks) and back-end (the coded framework) to be tailored and streamlined — creating a more personal experience.


OSP’s UX/UI design team reviewed Petra Pharma’s current website and reported back to the client a number of suggested improvements that could be made — all of which were well received! The interactive design team then quickly came up with a site plan for client discussion and approval. We were keen to offer the end user the ability to access content quickly and easily, without too much navigational effort, and these recommendations were reflected in the website designs and wireframes.


OSP created flat designs for approval before beginning any actual coding work and, once approved, we simultaneously built the front-end of the site at the same time as developing the custom CMS. As part of the design process, we also developed some MoA illustrations to complement a series of pre-existing videos.

At OSP, we often work alongside other medical communications agencies to deliver projects for our clients. In producing this website, we collaborated with a New York based agency that provided the content. Together, we worked behind the scenes to develop the new site, leaving our client to get on with their day job!

Just four months after our initial introduction to Petra Pharma, the company’s new CMS website was ready to go live.


“The site looks great – thank you for your hard work over the last few months. It was a pleasure working with you all.”

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