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“Treating serious disease by modulation of the body clock” Corporate Presentation

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Main objective

To create an engaging presentation that would help to simplify key messages surrounding a complex new product to treat diseases related to circadian rhythm disruption, and help potential investors and partners to understand the benefits of collaborating with the speciality pharmaceutical company — whose aim was to “translate science into medicine and medicine into shareholder value”.

Target audience: Potential investors and stakeholders

Creative solution

Armed with an existing corporate PowerPoint deck and a long list of ‘nice to haves’ the client hoped to include in his beefed up presentation, we set to work plotting out a story flow — setting the scene around who the company is, its mission, why there is a need for its product, target patient groups, and the scale of both the unmet need and the investment opportunity.

Our content and design teams agreed that the best route forward was to create a master presentation deck from which the client could draw down slides needed to best suit the audience to whom they were presenting.

Several weeks were spent researching the therapy area and writing new content about circadian rhythms and the impact their disruption has on the global economy, whilst our designers worked up a brand style and started developing supporting technical and product imagery, infographics and iconography.

Knowing that many of the investors who would view the final presentation would not necessarily be from a pharma or life sciences background, we understood the need to display the information around the biological or behavioural process of a circadian rhythm as simply but impactfully as possible. Beautifully designed graphs using moving imagery and video helped ensure the audience effectively engaged with all the content.


I think this looks fantastic!

Thanks to you and the team for your hard work on the deck and an ahead of time delivery!

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