Our Story

OSP was founded in 1993 as a video production company. Since then, we’ve evolved into a creative agency that has produced award-winning projects for some of the best known healthcare and pharma brands in the world.

Adaptable, agile and responsive, we are an owner-managed business with big ideas.

As a team, we thrive when we find a subject matter intellectually stimulating and intriguing — working with companies in niche markets who have complex stories to tell is exactly what makes us tick.

We combine your knowledge with our understanding, expertise and creativity to develop unique brands, deliverables and experiences — ensuring we deliver something special of which you can be proud!

Meet the Owners


Lydia Owen

Account Director

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Lydia Owen

Having started her career in journalism and PR, Lydia has spent the last two decades working in the communications industry. An award-winning communicator and copywriter with an eye for detail, nothing leaves OSP’s HQ without Lydia’s stamp of approval.

She has a proven track record in developing trusted and collaborative relationships with clients through knowledge and interest in their sector. Lydia is adept at working closely with internal and external stakeholders to identify communications objectives and produce creative, innovative and effective campaigns.

‘Queen of the Lists’ (she has a pen and paper with her at all times) and obsessively organised, Lydia has delivered events and exhibitions at most of the major congress venues in Europe for some of pharma’s biggest brands. She has come a long way since producing her first exhibition in Milan where she walked the entire length of the congress hall with a tail of toilet paper hanging from her trousers, wondering why everyone was smiling so kindly at her!