Creating accessible, engaging learning tools that are measurable and purposeful.

Given the constant advances in technology and the continual evolution of our industry, it’s imperative that organisations provide easily accessible training tools that are measurable and translatable.

Some of the best sources of knowledge come from within, from your experts and senior leaders. We can capture and craft this expertise, transforming it into user-friendly and purposeful training.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach — in our experience, it never does. Taking a tailored approach will ensure that your audience learns what they need to in order to maximise the benefits to both themselves and your organisation in the most time effective way.

Our belief is that blending techniques such as video, expanded learning content, knowledge checks and infographics and pairing them with a modern instructional design methodology helps to support retention and drive engagement. Be it delivered on desktop, laptop or mobile device, our eLearning is always SCORM compliant and relevant.

Our specialist team of creatives and UX/UI designers understand the principles of learning, allowing us to provide clients with a complete service that includes selecting the right LMS platform, content creation, design, development, project management and strategic consultancy.

What do we do?

LMS platform selection; Module design & development (SCORM compatable); interactivity; instructional design; video; copywriting; Project management

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