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About OSP Healthcare

OSP Healthcare is an independent creative medical communications agency with a global reach.

Having delivered more than 1000 projects in almost three decades for health focused companies and organisations, our code-compliant team is well versed when it comes to the healthcare, pharma and biotech sectors. Our track record proves that we have what it takes to shape and build insightful brands and communications that stimulate conversation, provide information and encourage education. Engaging and inspiring audiences with clever content, immersive events and memorable brand experiences is what we do best — mapping customer journeys from concept to completion.

As our World Fair image above demonstrates, we will showcase your brand, product or service in a way that is perfectly tailored to your target audience — whether that be HCPs, patients, payers, internal or external stakeholders.


We build close and long-lasting relationships with our partners and have a reputation for enthusiasm and professional energy.

Our goal is to make your job easier — we can provide innovative ideas for you to sell in, explain technical and creative processes using jargon-free language, and offer a flexible approach tailored to you.

  • Bayer
  • Besins Healthcare
  • Circadian Therapeutics
  • Dialogue
  • Diurnal
  • Highfield
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Johnson & Johnson Innovations
  • Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices
  • Janssen
  • Havas:Just
  • Life Sciences Hub Wales
  • Ludlow Street Healthcare
  • Otsuka
  • PillTime
  • Porvair
  • Petra Pharma
  • Proton Partners International
  • Roche
  • Seattle Genetics 
  • Sequana
  • Shire
  • United Therapeutics


How well a message is communicated is as important as the message itself. It begins with ensuring you know your audience and you’re speaking their language — both literally and figuratively. Our approach is always ‘message first’.

Have you ever been in a meeting with someone who is clearly giving you the same, generic presentation they have given a thousand times before? There are some tell-tale signs; a generic set of benefits, minimal anticipation of your individual needs and requirements, little or no detail that resonates with your specific situation… A few minutes in and you realise the presenter isn’t talking to you after all — they were just talking to a generalised someone.

Connecting with your audience is a key part of persuading them to listen.

We know you are being measured on Return on Investment so the communications tools you’re provided with must be beautiful, relevant and measurable! Be it creating content or applying your pre-existing content to the most engaging tool, at OSP we can do both.


As a team of design thinkers, our view is that innovation is about combining practical methodologies with clever design in order to implement inspirational ‘small wins’ that contribute and help pave the way to better healthcare outcomes.

If, by simplifying a process or improving the learning and development experiences of an HCP, we can improve even just one patient’s outcome then we view that as a triumph!

Our insight tells us that healthcare communication tools shouldn’t always be new. HCPs don’t want to be faced with having to get to grips with something unfamiliar at every touch point — they want to be able to digest key information in a ‘human’ way.

We are often briefed to devise and develop means for disseminating materials and messaging that stand in isolation, but we believe aligned, multi-channel tools tailored to an individual’s ability and preference are best practice. Our technical team always keep up to date with industry trends, however we don’t like to follow... At OSP, we lead.

Create, inform, measure and improve.


Your communications should offer relevance but first you must spark curiosity and intrigue to ignite resonance with your audiences. What makes you stop, read and interact with a brand message?

The way information is filtered and digested has dramatically changed, making it harder to fight for audience attention. The healthcare sector is constantly evolving and progressing; we tell stories, create conversations, change behaviour and inspire your audiences to spread the word about a product, service or organisation through stimulating customer engagement. A few decades ago, the most effort that the average brand made to “engage” with its customers would be broadcasting a message to them via a billboard, magazine, or television ad.

But now we’ve entered the ‘digital age’, there are more and more channels of communication from which to choose — and we are discovering the true potential of customer engagement.

At OSP, we are constantly considering new and exciting ways we can make genuine connections with people and patients. Moreover, we take the time to ensure our team is always on top of trends and new technology.


Inspired by the science behind — and the principles of — learning and development, we support organisations to develop, maintain and progress valued partnerships by educating from within.

Are you on a mission to humanise an internal policy? Or perhaps you need to educate HCPs so they can better relay the advantages of a product to their patients, or help a parent explain a life changing condition to their child?

Whether we are simplifying complex information and creating visually impactful materials, or delivering real world stories via user-lead platforms, we can arm you with the tools you need to ensure your stakeholders, both internal and external, increase their knowledge and improve their understanding — ensuring you meet your objectives.

We make the complex understandable.

At OSP, we love to learn. Being curious of mind also means that we keep on top of the proliferation of digital channels and the advances in software and hardware — and as the way in which information is filtered and digested continually evolves, as does our understanding of the importance of education in our sector.

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We deliver projects in pretty much every therapy area

  • cardiology and vascular diseases
  • dermatology
  • endocrinology
  • gastroenterology
  • haematology
  • immunology
  • infections and infectious diseases
  • musculoskeletal
  • nephrology
  • neurology
  • nutrition and weight loss
  • obstetrics / gynaecology
  • oncology
  • paediatrics / neonatal
  • pharmacology
  • podiatry
  • psychiatry / psychology
  • pulmonary / respiratory diseases
  • urology
  • vaccines

Don’t worry if your therapy area isn’t listed. We are quick and eager learners!

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